So much to say, I’m beyond overwhelmed right now. I shall regroup and be back tomorrow:)


is finally here. Its after 3am and I’m still awake. I just got back from the final rally of Obama’s historic race to the White House held in Manassas, VA. As I relayed in my last post, I was caught in traffic during a McCain/Palin rally, the only way to describe the mood I felt tonight, is to say it was the exact opposite of how I felt then. The crowd of over 90,000 was extremely diverse and it was clear that something big is happening. Something bigger than ourselves, and perhaps something that should have happened a long time ago. There was such a unity in the air, and for a second (or the 3+ hours we waited for Obama:) you did feel that there was no red America, blue America, middle America, or “real” America, just America. Of course we have a long way to go on many fronts, but what Obama aspires to, and inspires us to believe in, is beautiful and I sincerely hope that reflects in the polls. I have a ton of amazing pictures that I will be uploading soon that I know you all will love.

Being the people magnet that I am, I made friends with my rally neighbors. I met a young woman from London, who has been here for a week to witness the last days of this election and its outcome- basically to see if we are stupid as she said everyone overseas thinks we are. I have family all over the world, and all eyes are on the US this week. The world is watching to see how we decide to interpret the last 4 years. Obama had this to say:

“Even if we’re successful tomorrow we will be facing bigger challenges than probably any administration since FDR. But you and I know, you can feel in your gut, something happening here. That it is time together. It is time to look at the future again.”

As for me, I’ll do my part by casting my vote as soon as the polls open. Since I’m not working, I’ll also log in some hours making sure people know where to vote and also to make sure they have rides. Do yall know I had over 20 calls this weekend with people saying they received a call telling them that Democrats vote Wednesday Nov. 5, not Nov. 4?! Voter suppression is clearly a tactic for some and we shouldn’t get complacent. After that I plan on hitting up some watch parties, DC is going to be bananas!

I’m going to look forward today, I’m going to be positive, and I’m going to believe that as a nation we will see beyond party loyalty, and vote in a new direction. I’m going to believe We Can, because our future depend on it.


Though I’ve been MIA for a while, I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about Springfield, VA getting a visit from the Straight Talk Express. While I was stuck in a sea of McCain/Palin homemade signs and posters (one of which said “Cuba Voted For Change In 1959”) our “friend” was rallying the Northern base of the “real Virginia”:

“We’re a few points down, my friends. But we’re coming back. The Mac is back,” McCain said.

Back from where?

Now, sitting in all that traffic, with men positioned on the rooftops ready to Lord knows what, the mood was more mob-like than inspirational. I couldn’t tell if the people were angry or  just hungry.  As I looked around trying to distract myself from the annoyance that increased with each idiotic sign second,  I caught a glimpse of the Mac as he left thru a side entrance ( I’d recognize that shuffle anywhere), which made me happy, at least that meant the event was over and people would start leaving.

I’m really ready for this election to be over. Ever since Obama announced his candidacy, the news cycle has offended me on or more levels everyday. The “smears” of him being a secret Muslim,  the subtle, and not so subtle racial commentary, the use of fear yet again as a campaign tactic, all this while the economy was unraveling. Sadly, people are falling for it. Case in point, I received a free DVD in the mail, no doubt courtesy of someone who obviously did not know I’m Muslim, and you know, might not think that all Muslims are foaming at the mouth with thoughts of destroying America.  This DVD, Obsession, is probably the biggest piece of propaganda I’ve seen in a while. I refuse to watch it, the cover alone pisses me off. Besides, we all know the moral of the story.  Vote for me or else THEY will get you.  It seems there always has to be an odd man out…

Enough of that. Am I the only who is nervous, anxious, excited beyond words about the history about to take place?! I cannot put into words how inspired I am. For the past few weeks I’ve been working my arse off to get out the vote. I’ve met some amazing people, who I will shout out later on in a victory post:) As excited as I am, I’m also nervous as hell, I can’t lie. I’m ready to vote, but I’m not ready to let go of the Obama effect. Everywhere I go, I see Obama buttons, t-shirts and posters. The people wearing them are not predictable either. I have seen more diversity in the people wearing the buttons, than in the designs of the button itself. There is a sense of community that the Obama/Biden campaign gives off that the McCain/Palin cannot match even if they could start all over again.

Make sure yall get out and VOTE! 1 more day:)


Peace friends. I know, its been a long time, I should’nt have left you, without a dope blog to vent to. Seriously, I apologize for the silence. But I’m back!

For those of you who don’t know, Ramadan just ended. Ramadan is a month of intense spiritual renewal for Muslims around the world. Its the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and the month the Quran was revealed. In addition to fasting from food and water from sunrise to sunset, during these hours one abstains from relations with the opposite sex, cursing, backbiting, and anything that can distract a person from reflecting on the blessings and purpose around him/her.

Ramadan always comes right on time for me, when I am feeling the most spiritually depleted and can’t decide what to have for lunch, Ramadan comes and decides that is that. It also makes me realize how much time I spend thinking about food, for those of you who know me, I can hear you snickering. Stop it. My love for food does not have to be physically obvious.  Seriously though, aside from the obvious symptoms of hunger and thirst, the side effects are so rewarding and humbling. By tuning out excess noise and tuning into your inner dialogue, you develop a clarity that seems so natural, so easy, you wonder why you don’t make the choice more often.  You are empowered by your self control when presented with staff meetings catered by the devil himself (OK your favorite spot for lunch). You develop a compassion born of empathy for those who are less fortunate, you wonder how children live with the hunger pains you know you will dismiss come sunset. You know that the clean water you have access to (and I know I can take for granted) is a straight up luxury for so, so many. It is enough to make you feel guilty for all you were blessed with; when all we are required to do is be blessed, feel grateful, and try to spread these blessings.

The focus on the inner, spirituality, and community really provides the clarity we desperately need these days.  There is so much love felt during this month, it serves to remind us that we choose how we want to experience our life. The peace and tranquility I felt last month was facilitated by my active choice to try to experience Ramadan the way it was meant to be experienced. I hope I can keep the momentum of peace, contemplation, and good works going.

How many of you think that you could abstain from food, drink, etc, for one day? If so, what would be the hardest aspect for you?




We all know CtrlZ does not apply in real life.  You get one chance to get it right, well, unless you are Tiffany Pollard aka Ms. “New York” in which case you are allowed time and again, to create the worst programing in the history of television. Damn you VH1. Every time I see or hear her, I have to watch ten clips of Michelle Obama just to get back my blood pressure back to a healthy rate.

But what if you could undo an event in history, in your life, or in general? What would it be? Inevitably, there will be someone who will bring up how erasing slavery would upset the order of history and argue how taking one thing out would have changed things and…spare me. Shoot me if the Trans-Atlantic slave trade stays on my list. Its freaking hypothetical.

10.  Winter

This is weird because I love winter clothes. Heck, I’m a woman, I love clothes period, but when it’s 7 AM and you have to be at work at 9 AM and you are out in the FREEZING cold, trying to get snow off your car? Not Good Times (shout out to Florida Evans). I cannot stand precipitation below a certain degree. Rain is great, (except when its cold) but snow? No thanks. I think I’ve built one snowman my entire life, and even then I just rocked back and forth while my brothers did all the work.  

9. America’s Obsession with Accents

Maybe it is just my observation, but Americans love accents. They love “otherness”. An American man is the only man who can marry a woman he shares no common language with. I know y’all have seen it. Even when you don’t have an accent they will find one. Perhaps I look like I’m from somewhere else but I’ve had countless people remark “I love your accent, its so pretty!” Now…I don’t know what they hear,  and I’ve been meaning to record myself to hear what I sound like, but I suspect people just assume since I look like I’m from somewhere else, I must have come through JFK airport yesterday. Not the case. Definitely was born in DC and raised here my whole life. Now I can do just about any impression of an accent you can think of and I can switch it up depending on who I’m talking to but… no accent. Capiche?

8. The Price Of Gas

This is probably one that would not have made the list–if I did not have the harrowing experience of filling up a Toyota Highlander recently. Filling up, as in you hear the click that lets you know your account is overdrawn. Calm your Eco-conscious nerves, it is not my car. Obviously the price of gas leads back to the war, September 11, things I don’t have the energy to discuss right now. But really, gone are the days where you can get “just enough for the ride home”. That’s not 0.52  anymore! Oh and in case you are wondering, it was $62.46 to fill up the truck. I know.

7. Grills

I’m not from the South. I don’t understand. Whatever.

6. E-mail Fwds

There are good ones. There are annoying ones. Then there are those people who ONLY forward e-mails with the subject: Fwd:Fwd:Fwd:Fwd:Fwd:Fwd:Fwd:Fwd:Fwd:Fwd:Fwd. To add audacity to annoyance, it will say that if you do not forward it to 50 people in 5 seconds, you will be lonely forever or something else equally as stupid. If you do manage to forward it to 50 people in 5 seconds, you will immediately feel the blessings in your life multiply. Call me a rebel with a mouse. Delete!

5. The Plight of Native Americans

Let’ be undone with it. The languages, culture, customs, narratives, regard for human life, bring it back! Dave Chapelle jokes about it. Bill Clinton was the first President to visit a reservation (?!).   Black people claim a little Indian in them and its obvious why. While it may be possible you do have Indian ancestry, its cause they are like that. Indians are dope, point blank, period, full stop. I can also get into the psychology behind why black people who were stripped of their own dope land, culture and tongue, would want to claim a group who had all of those things, especially if there was an opening to do so. But I won’t.  

4. Leashes on Children

This is so serious.  I was recently in Tyson’s Corner Mall in Northern VA. Usually when I go there my plan is simple. Shoes, Forever 21 and why I really went there, H&M. When I’m not as annoyed as I usually am to be there, I’ll also stop by and get a Cinnabon, boxed diabetes if I ever saw it but you work up an apetite walking to H&M. As I stood in line, I noticed that behind me, next to me, and in front of me were mothers with their kids on leashes. WHY. I immediately felt uncomfortable, I looked around to see if anyone around me was noticing how unacceptable it is to have your child on a leash. Nothing. Then I started to see if the moms would notice another child on a leash. You know seeing your situation from the outside. They started talking to each other!  My ears perked up, these innocent tots were about to be emancipated and I did not want to miss it. They were talking about their kids ages and stuff. Not OMG your child is on a leash….MY GOD so is mine! I digress. I just think its wrong.

3. Trans-Atantic Slave Trade

Kidnapped and packed. Knee to knee, and back to back. I can’t even begin to describe the feelings I have on the slave trade. I’ve been told I’m hung up on it, I don’t think I am. And while a black person might be more aware of its consequences, if you are not horrified at the conditions of just the 17 day ride over here, then you are not human.

2.The Scramble for Africa

How are you going to scramble for land that is not yours?! I will be going into this topic in depth in a future blog post, but basically the scramble for Africa was the opening up of Africa to exploitation on a much larger scale. Joy.

Bonus #2

Yeah I know I said top 10 but I realize that I am including 2 of my top 3 injustices to mankind and I remembered that I forgot the Holocaust. That was the worst also. Ann Frank myth or not, it was unacceptable. I definitely should not be typing out loud because a book I read in Elementary school just popped in my head: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes…which reminds me of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Man. Let the record state that injustice on any level is a resounding UNDO.

1. Allergies

I know what you are thinking. How is your top undo going to be allergies? How selfish! Rude! I understand, I’m kinda twisted about it too. Here’s the thing, year-round allergies remind you everyday that more strides have been made in race relations than in allergy relief. Don’t let the Zyrtec commercials fool you, it is garbage! I lost a year of my life drowsy off that mess, relief my arse. Allergies are the worst, there is no cure, and allergy shots every week are the devils work. This is also a future post mind you. Zyrtec, Claritin, Benadryl…oh its on.



This is no doubt one of many posts between now and election time addressing one of two things.


1)      Something dumb (politically and in general) the McCain/Palin camp DO

2)      Something dumb the McCain/Palin camp SAY


Among the many outlandish attacks made at the Republican National Convention, the comments about community organizers were the most uncalled for, and as a result have created more work for the Original Mavericks as they try to clean up the collateral damage.


You try being mayor of a small town!

You try being mayor of a small town!

To juxtapose the role of community organizing as it relates to the civil rights movement easily leads one to the conclusion that sit-ins, the march on Washington, the Montgomery bus boycott, voter registration drives, the lives lost to bring about equal treatment before the law for an entire race, is not real responsibility in the all seeing eyes of Sarah Palin.


The remarks were wholly irresponsible and insulting to people who know that without that kind of sacrifice we (read: minorities) wouldn’t even be voting! How many black people are in Alaska anyway? Or Arizona? McCain and Palin make no effort to speak to communities that value activism possibly because their white privilege never saw a need for activism.


Out of 2,380 Republican delegates, 36 are black. 36. Are. Black. Where is Kanye when you need him??


The fact of the matter is party affiliation or not, I actually chose to lose precious moments of my life to listen to one relic of a maverick and his weak attempt at being in touch with today. I have to live with that forever. The greatest strides in equal treatment before the law have come about via community organizing. It is a shame that Sarah Palin chose to belittle that.


Newsflash, it takes more than shared anatomy to get my vote and definitely more than corny jokes about pit bulls and lipstick.